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Asante Kenya


From the dreamy romanticism of Karen Blixen's 'Out of Africa' to the terror of the Mau Mau uprising against British colonialism culminating in Kenya's independence in 1963, this East African nation is rich in imagery.


Life continues  to be a daily struggle for many of its 44 million people. In addition to the shackles of poverty, their lives and the nation's economy have been blighted by ongoing terrorism such as the 2013 Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi. We have shopped in that mall which made the chilling media reports even more potent for us as that tragedy unfolded.


For all of its challenges, Kenya remains one of our favourite African countries. Our first visit was in 2009 and we returned in 2010, 2013 and 2017. We have enjoyed the experience of 'the crossing' in the Masai Mara, the backdrop of Kilimanjaro in Amboseli, traversed Great Rift Valley, criss crossed the equator in the Central Highlands and watched elephants crossing the Ewaso Ng'iro River in Samburu.


Our last visit was during the Kenyan elections in 2013. The country was quiet as tourists stayed away. For six nights in one Masai Mara camp we were the only guests.  May better days return - Kenyans deserve it.

Asante Kenya.