Whales, Wildlife & Wilderness                                                                                                                                                 Pam & Wayne Osborn

In the Zodiac

Crisp Conditions on the Water


 A snowy and a somewhat chilly day at sea in the Zodiac. Pam - centre front. Image courtesy of Andrew Hunter.

Hamneidet Marina


Our base at the Hamneidet marina. We spent four to six hours daily in the open Zodiac in pursuit of orcas.

Pam shooting from the Zodiac. Skipper Norbi Bús at the controls.

Wayne in a drysuit. The keep-warm inventory included: Two pair of socks (with chemical toe warmers), two pairs of thermals and quilted undersuit. I started with a 7mm hood and 7mm gloves but found these warm but too restrictive. A 3mm hood and 3mm gloves were colder but gave greater mobility and camera control.

Pam in drysuit (left). Veronika Kristóf (right) was our expedition cook - expertly trained from Sea Shepherd voyages.

Whales Underwater expedition leader, Darren Jew waiting for a drop.


Hamneidet Marina

A typical day’s GPS track. We would drive from our base in Rotsund to the Hamneidet marina. From the marina, it was then a 30-40 minute run to the orcas.