Whales, Wildlife & Wilderness                                                                                                                                                 Pam & Wayne Osborn

Humpback Whales - At Depth


Heat Runs


In Tonga's warm tropical waters humpback whales mate and for males the competition is intense. Heat runs with a string of males chasing an available female are common. Testosterone comes to the for as males attempt to demonstrate their biological superiority.


In these two images, the following male has tried a head lunge onto the back of the lead male. The lead male has pulled up quickly using his outspread pectoral fins to brake and climb and forcing the would be aggressor to stall behind him.


The third whale following has decided bail out away from the conflict.


Top image: Wayne

Lower image: Pam

At 30 Metres

Four humpbacks enjoying being whales against the coral sand seabed at 30 metres.